11 Delicious Foods You Love To Eat But Never Knew You Could Fry

Well, get ready to be mind blown! If you think about it, you can probably fry anything you want. Here a few food you probably have never thought you could fry.

NB: Eating too many fried foods could negatively affect your health.

1. Pear

Pear aka. avocado deliciousness jumps to a whole another level when fried. The crispy golden exterior is perfect to snack on.

2. Maize On The Cob

You love boiled or roasted maize, but have you tried fried maize on the cob?
There’s really nothing better than grilled or boiled corn. But have you tried deep-fried corn on the cob?

Get the recipe.

3. Ice Cream

Yeah, you can really fry ice cream. Learn how to fry ice cream.

4. Beer

Yup, even beer can be fried. It has to be hidden in the center of pastries like meat-pie.

5. Groundnut paste.

We know, it doesn’t sound great…But trust us on this one.

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Grab the recipe.

6. Pizza

As if the pizza wasn’t that good enough, guess it doesn’t hurt to make it little better, right?! Check out the recipe.

fried pizza

7. Apples

fried apples

8. Oreos

9. Banana

Learn how to fry banana.

10. Watermelon.

You probably just read the word “watermelon” and assumed we’ve lost our minds.

11. Milk

What foods would you fry?