The 7 Most Bizarre Foods People Eat In Kenya

Ewwww, so you really eat this sh*t?

1. Termites

The termites eaten in Kenya aren’t the ones that you see munching on wooden cupboards.These local termites are either eaten alive or fried.

termites in kenya

2. Cow Blood and Milk

Raw cow’s blood and milk are mixed and used as a ritual drink during special occasions. The blood is obtained by cutting the cow’s jugular artery which allows blood-letting without killing the animal.

cow blood and milk

3. Mutura.

Mutura, often nicknamed “African sausage,” is Kenya’s traditional blood sausage. Fresh blood binds and provides a powerful umami kick to the offal and meat of a cow, lamb, or goat, before the whole mixture is simmered, stuffed into intestines, and grilled.

mutura kenya

Photo: Munchies

4. Crocodile Kebab

5. Elephant Steak

6. Fried grasshoppers

Besides eating, the same grasshoppers are collected and put on the fire by some who believe the smoke can keep ghosts away.

7. Dirt

Some people eat dirt because they believe it is a way to relieve stomach pain and it’s also a religious practice.

Photo: GhanaPosts

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