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SHOCKING Human Rights Abuse in Ghana: A Young Man’s Ear is Bitten, He’s Beaten And ‘Burnt Alive’ in Ghana By Instant Justice Mob (VIDEO)

Yesterday, we published an article on the inhumane and degrading treatment a woman received in Ghana when she was alleged to have stolen 1100 GHS (about 200 pounds).

The woman was stripped n*ked, spanked, beaten and even one of the men torturing this woman inserted his toe into her vagina–all in public.

That’s what some group of Ghanaians, being watched by others in a broad day light subject another of our kind to–all in the name of the increasing diabolical trend of mob justice in Ghana.

Ghana is a democracy: we have a robust judicial system and yet others, and a huge number of the population continue to “lynch” others for allegedly having committed offences without giving such persons a fair trial.

The widespread human rights abuse in Ghana, with the police doing little or nothing to those carrying out such atrocities have led me to add a category “Human Rights in Ghana” to BrutallyUncensored.Com, to document, report and drive the conversation on what has shockingly become appropriate or acceptable in a 21st century Ghana.

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Following yesterday’s publication, a Ghanaian Celebrity who was shocked by what he saw in the video furnished me with the below video, another heartbreaking brutal assault on a Ghanaian, by Ghanaians.

As usual, whatever his crime is, he has not been fairly tried–and a group of Ghanaians have taken the law into their hands, to subject a fellow Ghanaian to such shocking cold-blooded treatment.

The young man is beaten, his ears bitten and at the end of the video, a liquid is poured on him–leaving us to wonder, what happened next.

This cannot be the action of any civilised society.

Thomas Hobbes argued in his “State of Nation” that human beings are inherently nasty brutish–adding that we were at “bellum omnium contra omnes” (meaning war of all against all). That was then, even if his account seems plausible to you.

Yet, in a 21st century, we seem to have revisited this apocalyptic “State of Nature” in Ghana–with law enforcement officers allowing others to perpetrate such abuses.

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What is seen in this video is not just a crime against the young man, but against humanity–and it violates every human rights instrument I have ever come across.

All it takes for it to be you, your friend, your sister, your brother or a loved one is for someone to shout “THIEF” on your ‘head’ in Ghana–and a group will soon start ‘lynching’ you.

It’s totally barbaric!

Video Disclaimer: Do not watch this video if you have children looking at your screen–it’s grossly degrading.

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