Save Ghana Foundation Petitioned Government Over Prepaid Metres

Save Ghana Foundation is petitioning the Ashanti Regional Minister, Head of Electricity Company of Ghana, Accra, Minister of Energy and the President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo over “suspected tempered”digital prepaid meters which are being installed in certain parts of Kumasi.

metremetreIn some few years back Ghana decided to move from post-paid electricity meters to pre-paid ones.
The introduction of these pre-paid meters started in 2005 by the then government.

The shortage of the prepaid meters paved way for the next government which is the National Democratic Congress to also introduce digital prepaid electricity meters.
The installation of the digital prepaid electricity meters started in the Greater Accra Region.
Unfortunately,they were not accepted by the residents of Accra. They might have heard the meter incurs high bills for it to function.

A typical example is when the installation was prevented by the Acting President of Ningo Traditional Area Nene Kanor Atiapah III saying”they were money making meters”.

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It has now been introduced in Kumasi where installations are able to have it way. A similar event was the introduction of the NHIA capitation in the Ashanti Region where no particular leader in the region resisted and yet has been an albatross on the neck of the people in the region.
Since the inception of the digital prepaid meters in parts of Kumasi,consumers have always complained bitterly from day one.Consumers such as Domestic,Businesses and Industries are vehemently expressing their grieve and displeasure with the operation of the meters.

As touted “the Usain Bolt meters” have put consumers in a tight corner to buy huge sum of electricity credit to function the meters.The most irritating part is that the credit bought uses the shortest span of days to finish.
The situation is a bizzare one which have resulted in the following;;

1. Loss and collapse of businesses which have contributed to unemployment.

2. High cost of living since consumers have to spend beyond their income and expenditure.

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3. It has only left some households with no option than to choose darkness over light.

Save Ghana Foundation is by this press conference telling authorities to as a matter of urgency take a critical look at the said meters.Consumers are really suffering.

Come to think of it a consumer who used to pay between 160.00cedis and 200.00cedis as monthly bills now pay 800.00cedis.Can you imagine? What at all is wrong with the operation of these digital prepaid meters.

In the same vain an Asawase based journalist lamented to SAVE GHANA FOUNDATION that his entire household used to pay 350cedis as monthly bills but since the installation of the digital prepaid meters they now have to struggle to pay 860.00cedis as monthly bills.
A difference of 510.00cedis as increment has been realized.

Save Ghana Foundation can chronicle cases of terrifying lamentations by consumers.
As a public interest advocate ,voice of the voiceless and mouthpiece of the vulnerable, we add our voice to the plight of consumers using the digital prepaid electricity meters in Kumasi and beyond.
We see the meters as “Vampires”. We therefore charge on the authorities to review or immediately uninstall them.

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To a large extent, we call on Electricity Company of Ghana, Ministry of Energy and the Government to come to the aid of the ordinary Ghanaian or be prepared to face the wrath of the affected consumers if no response is made within 48hours of receiving the petition.

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Kofi Agyei

Nana Kwame Afiriyie

Akwasi Agyei

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