7 Common Things That Ruin Good Relationships

For every broken relationship, one of the things below is to blame.

Couples in healthy relationships have learned how to avoid them. While there are numerous sins to commit in a relationship, the following seven are by far the worst of the bunch.

1. Infidelity.

Cheating dismantles trust yet trust is the glue that holds a strong relationship together. Once a partner is unfaithful, the relationship gets tainted. It’s next to impossible to restore it to its former glory. You can forgive a cheating partner but it will always be hard to restore the trust.

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2. Lies.

Again, this affects trust in a big way. No matter how little the lie, it diminishes the love and respect between you and your bae. The nature, the gravity, or even the circumstances of the lie doesn’t even matter. A lie is a lie. It will always be that much harder to know if anything either of you says is true.

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3. Lack of ‘one on one’ communication.

We live in a tech-driven world which should make it easier for us to communicate right? Wrong. Tech communication just doesn’t beat one on one communication.  Sending a heart-shaped emoji is not the same thing as saying “I love you” in person. Couples need to communicate one on one especially when doing serious things but most end up doing it via text. This creates a lack of seriousness, causing the relationship to deteriorate.

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4. Loss of attraction.

For a relationship to work, you must see your bae as hot. They might be the smartest and most caring person in the word but if you no longer find them attractive, you will tune off. You might just run into the arms of someone more appealing. In that case, it always pays to look stunning at all times. Don’t take your appearance for granted.

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5. Finances.

Let no one ever lie to you that money doesn’t matter. Money shouldn’t be the foundation of your relationship but all partners should work hard to get it and ensure they live comfortable lives. No one in this world wants to live a miserable life just for love.


6. Work.

Lack of a healthy work/life balance ruins good relationships too. Providing is important. But providing without giving bae your time and attention is useless. Constantly reminding bae how busy you are won’t do you any favors. No one is “too busy” to have time for someone they love. People tend to move towards where they are given attention.



7. Getting too comfortable.

This is also known as complacency. There comes a point in relationships where couples get so comfortable with each other that they start assuming important things. Thinking that you already have bae’s heart under lock and key hence you don’t need to impress them anymore is a wrong move. Humans need constant excitement. When you stop providing excitement in a relationship things tend to crumble.

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