Kenyans Are Taking Initiative To Eradicate Unemployment By Tweeting Available Jobs Via Twitter #IkoKaziKE

According to statistics, Kenya is one of the countries with a really high rate of unemployment- 40% rate with 80% of the unemployed being Kenyans under the age of 35.

That’s saddening considering that a majority of Kenyans invest a lot of money into higher education only to get a degree for it to gather dust while they struggle to make ends meet.

The good thing with the Kenyan middle class is they don’t just sit and await hand outs from friends. The hustle and bustle of Nairobi starts as early as 3.00 am- both blue and white collar jobs employees work hard and it’s no wonder that we are a working nation.

Yes, the Government promised to provide jobs but you, as a Kenyan what initiative are you taking to look for a job?

How many people have we seen hold placards in traffic that state their qualifications and have ended up getting jobs?

unemployment in kenya

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Kenyans on Twitter are not just all about bashing other countries and fighting anyone who crosses them using hashtags.

They also come together to help each other in times of need.

The hashtag #IkoKaziKE on Twitter is used by people in need of employees from different fields. Companies, HR agencies and independent employers use the hashtag to post a job and request people to retweet and sure enough, people do get jobs using this system.

Here are examples of jobs posted recently:






So if you’re actively looking for a job, constantly check Twitter’s #IkoKaziKE. Maybe not your dream job but you could find something, as a start. And yes it’s time you joined Twitter (if you do not have an account) cause that’s where the magic happens!

Before you complain, ask yourself, “I’m I really giving my job search 105%?”.

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