9 Hilarious Differences Between Flats And Apartments In Nairobi

Until a few years ago in Nairobi, people lived in either houses or flats. Now, however, there seems to be a new habitation unit: the “apartment.”

The apartment is not for anyone. It’s for the cool peeps – the kind of people that can take an Uber from Nairobi CBD to Nakuru.

Here are some hilarious differences between flats and apartments:

1. Apartments have a watchman that opens the gate for you while in flats, everyone has ‘kifunguo ya gate’ to open it themselves.

kenyan watchmen

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2. Apartments have managers while flats have caretakers.


3. People in apartments mind their own business while every tenant in a flat knows everything about their neighbor.

mejja peeping


4. Apartments have compounds full of cars while flats have compounds full of toy cars made by kids.

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5.  Apartments have DSTV dishes while flats have…just dishes.

dstv dish

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6. Kids in apartments are picked and dropped from school by buses while kids in flats are dropped by ‘nduthis.’

school bus kenya

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7. Apartments are sound proof while the walls of flats make you hear even your neighbor’s breathing.

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8. Apartments have no theft while in flats, even pegs get stolen.

9.  In apartments, rent is deposited to a bank account while in flats, cash is collected.

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