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Lydia Forson: A Lot of Ghanaian Men Do Not Know How to ‘Woo’ A Woman

Ghanaian actress-Lydia Forson seems to be tired of how bad a lot of Ghanaian men are–when it comes to the art of “wooing” a woman.

The outspoken actress has taken to Instagram, to share her thoughts on wooing in Ghana–saying, most Ghanaian men are losers when it comes to making a woman feel special.

She stated that: “A lot of Ghanaian men have much to learn in the art of “wooing” a woman.”

“Most don’t know how to take a girl on a date, and if they do it’s always “food”, which automatically translates to love, and once those words are spoken it’s enough foreplay to begin a s*xual affair, first by attempting to shove those long tongues into your mouth and swirling it around,” she added.

What about, maybe, the Ghanaian woman does not also know how to be woo–ed?

Check out Lydia Forson’s full rant below…

Lydia Forson