15 Reasons Why High School Relationships In Kenya Were The Sweetest

High school relationships were amazing.

The infatuation always came through deep and fast. We all felt like Romeo and Juliet. If only normal adult relationships were like that, the world would definitely be a more serene place. Here is why high school relationships rocked.

1. Writing all those love letters and including complex phrases like you were Shakespeare’s child made you feel like the most romantic person ever.

2. But receiving a letter from your bae from another school was even better.

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3. Especially when they dedicated some sweet love songs to you at the end.

Kenyan couple

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4. You would do anything to be part of a trip to your bae’s school.


5. And you would borrow cooler uniforms in case yours were old just so you could look smart in front of bae.

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6. Those moments when you exchanged ties and sweaters during school trips.

kenyan couple

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7. You couldn’t stop thinking about bae that day after you met them.


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8. You always believed you will end up getting married.

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9. You garnered so much respect if your bae was hot.

10. Approaching was the hardest part but once you did it, you felt so proud of yourself.


11. You definitely couldn’t stop blabbering about your bae too.

12. You would lose all hope of life if you were dumped.

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13. You were still innocent and clueless about a lot of things.

Image: Falomo Senior High School

14. You’d pity the single students for missing on this sweet thing called love.

15. You still remember that first high school lover up to today.

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