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Can Someone Just Get Lydia Forson Pregnant So She Can Shut Up? Fan Fires – Following Lydia Forson’s Comment That Ghanaian Men Do Not Know How to ‘Woo’ A Woman

Yesterday, outspoken Ghanaian actress-Lydia Forson started that Ghanaian men do not know how to ‘woo’ a woman–and that they need to step up their game.

She stated among other things that: “A lot of Ghanaian men have much to learn in the art of “wooing” a woman.”

“Most don’t know how to take a girl on a date, and if they do it’s always “food”, which automatically translates to love, and once those words are spoken it’s enough foreplay to begin a s*xual affair, first by attempting to shove those long tongues into your mouth and swirling it around,” she added.

A GhanaCelebrities.Com reader-Faustina Amlalo commenting on the publication on our Facebook page wrote: “This lady can talk oh. Eeii…can someone just get her pregnant so she can shut up?”

Another reader, Stephen Sassey said: “I am very sorry for you girl. I don’t think the problem is about Ghanaian men not knowing how to woo women, but rather about you Ghanaian ladies not knowing how to respond to Ghanaian men approach. Too much exaggeration about love in films is what is causing your problem. You have everything physically a man will want on a woman, but most of you your mind about the type of man you want to approach you is your bigger problem. Some of you went to the extent to say that you don’t want a poor man as a husband. Remember after Beijing conference over 20yrs, the slogan has been “what men can do women can do better”. Please, you better go into action and woo that young man,instead of waiting for that rich man to come and take you to a 10 star hotel in Dubai and on his knee with a promise ring and say “please will you marry me” Please.”

“And most of u Ghanaian women are ridiculous…. Whenever a man calls you what comes into your mind is “he’s going to propose”. Desperation,” Isaac Cobi-yalley also stated.

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Bright David commented: “She is selling ooo, please kindly open a school for wooing women” and Yaw Bompata Krachie commented; “Yh so is this y ur still not married.”

It surely seems like a bunch of the male commenters were not happy about Lydia Forson’s comment.

Lydia Forson

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