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Notorious Gang Caught Lowering a Child Into a Car Sunroof So He Can Steal Its Contents (Video)

A notorious gang has devised a shocking method of making away with valuables from people’s cars even when they are locked.

A video has shown the shocking moment a brazen gang lowered a child through a car sunroof to try and steal the belongings inside.
CCTV footage captured the thieves targeting an elderly couple’s Citroen Saxo before prising open the window to get the boy, who appears to be around seven-years-old, inside.
But despite spending eight minutes trying to break in, they made off with only a raincoat and a shopping bag.
According to The Sun UK, the car owner, Gloria Thorpe, 73, said the hapless thieves caused so much damage that the car is now an insurance write-off.

She said: “I’m very upset about it. They caused so much damage that the car is a write off – the insurance company won’t repair it.

“I suffer from arthritis so my car is my freedom, but now I can’t use it. I can’t lock the car up and the roof is open.”

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The footage, filmed on a camera above the home Gloria shares with her husband Kenneth, 86, shows three teenagers, aged between 16 and 18, turning up with two younger children.

The motley crew spent eight minutes trying to break the doors open before one of the small children got in through the roof and unlocked it.
Despite the extensive damage caused the gang did not leave the scene in Dovercourt, Essex, with anything of value.
Gloria said: “All they took was my husband’s emergency nylon raincoat and an empty Sainsbury’s shopping bag.
“There wasn’t anything of real value taken and they didn’t touch the radio.

“My husband’s disability scooter was in there and they must have tried to get it out, but were unsuccessful.

“The chair was moved and now the back door won’t shut due to more damage.”

Police are reviewing the images and forensic detectives are also investigating the incident.

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Watch the video below:


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