12 Little Things Every Man Expects From His Woman That’ll Make His Head Swell

Women always think they are the only ones who need the little things from men and will always make noise about it.

What they fail to realize is that men also have little things they want done for them. If you want to know some of the little things every man expects from a woman, go on this journey with us.

1. Respect.

Any woman who doesn’t respect her man is not ready to be in a relationship because it is one thing that completes a man. You might see it as nothing insignificant but it is very important to a man and the moment he realizes it’s not there, he’s a goner.

2. Admiration.

Women actually think they are the only ones who need admiration but interestingly, men need it too and you will be surprised to know how some men feel when they are admired by women.

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3. Companionship.

Some women actually believe men don’t need companionship but they’ve never wondered why men are always close to their mothers. In fact, men even need it more than women and a women who knows how to give it all the time always wins.

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4. Look Beautiful For Him.

Every man loves to see his woman looking beautiful and so it is important to take note of this and come looking good for him. You don’t have to be a super model to impress him but looking your decent self is what men need.

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5. Your Voice.

A baritone voice from a woman can come as a surprise for a man, but a husky voice sounds romantic to our ears and so is a treble soft voice. Sometimes, no matter how angry your man is, the power of a woman’s voice is all it takes to calm him down and those who know how to use it, always win.

6. Encouragement.

This is something every man expects from his woman and it’s key to us. If there is anybody out there that your man expects to urge him on, it is you. Even when he’s down, encourage him and urge him on. Let him know it’ll be fine and you’re always there for him.

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7. Appreciation.

At least a little appreciation wouldn’t hurt and this is where most women get it wrong all the time. Women always tend to see what comes to them and that’s the only thing they value without looking deep to appreciate a man’s effort.



8. Recognition.

This is where many women mistake it to be jealousy but it is all about recognition. Every man wants to be given some recognition by his woman. Let him feel proud that you’re proud of him. If you’re walking together and someone calls you, don’t just move away as if he doesn’t exist.

9. Independence.

Yes! He’s your man and you have the right to be with him but you don’t own him, so it will be important to give him some breathing space and not be too clingy. The fact that he’s your man does not mean he can’t have his me time.


10. Support.

You’re his partner so it is good to support each other and not watch him do everything by himself and judge him with it.

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11. Let Him Feel Desired.

If there is one thing that can make a man go crazy over his woman, it is the desire you show towards. Women think men are hard guys and do not need pampering and care. Let your man feel like among all the men, he’s the most desirable, the only one who makes you tick and turns you on. That’s the magic wand.

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12. Indulge In His Hobbies With Him.

Yes we like our sports and you love your telenovelas. You practically force us to watch yours but won’t show interest in ours. Inasmuch as we don’t say nothing about it, we’ll really appreciate it if you join us in our hobbies. Just once in a while won’t be bad.


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