14 Best Text Messages To Send To A Guy You Just Met And Have A Crush On

Ladies! So you have a crush on this guy you just met and got his number.

Don’t be in a rush to text him anything that comes to mind, you have to be creative and not come off as being cheap or trying to be too pushy.

Here are 14 text messages that’ll help your cause.

1. Just what he’s waiting to hear.

“I know I’m breaking code by not waiting at least 24 hours, but I couldn’t wait to talk to you.”

2. Damn!!

“Save this number, it is the most important one you will ever get.”

3. A friendly gesture that delivers the right result.

“Just wanted to text you so you will have my number too.”

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4. This will get him racing to your end.

“How do you expect me to have fun if you aren’t here?”

5. Just tease him to break the ice.

“Hello! Why do I have this number?”

6. With this, he will be able to tell how you feel about him.

“I enjoyed our conversation today, we should continue this weekend, what do you think?”

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7. Straight to the point.

“Don’t go deleting this number, it is the hot girl you met today.”

8. Trying to be innocent.

“Hope you’re having a divine day.”

9. He’ll definitely take the bait.

“Is it too soon for casual texting?”

10. Innocent but still gets the job done.

“I finally watched that show you’ve been talking about.”

11. Calling him out with no guilt.

“It is too bad you had to leave, we didn’t have time to make out.”

12. That’s when you guys got quite comfortable.

“You look like you’d be a great kisser.”

13. Ice breaker.

“Your last post on Facebook was hilarious”

14. Clearly telling him you like him. He should catch the drift.

“It was nice to see you today, we should hang out more often, don’t you think?”

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