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Tonto Dikeh Makes More Revelations – Says Her Husband Infected Her With So Many STD’s Due To His Casanova Lifestyle

Tonto Dikeh is not done revealing the horror of her marriage which is dead at this point- it looks like she has no qualms airing any of the dirty laundry in public.

Aside allegations of facing domestic violence, verbal abuse and emotional torment from having to share a bed with a serial cheat – she’s also claiming her husband’s multiple affairs often left her infected with s*xually transmitted diseases which she then had to treat.

On social media today, Dikeh has been bantering with some fans and she has been making revelations through those conversations.

One fan told her that no marriage is perfect and this she should try and stay in and work on hers, and that prompted this response from her.

“My love, they can laugh. As long as I didn’t come out in a body bag, I’m ok, no one knows how many STD’s I have treated or pain I know in marriage…if laughter is all they have then karma that bit me awaits them all. Thanks for your love. Yes, no marriage is perfect but mine was based on Gross lies/Deceit, Scam & many more Darkness.. I loved the man no one begged me to, I take all the blame!!”

Check out the conversation below…

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