11 Romantic Latin Words You Can Use For Bae As A Pet Name

We know when it comes to pet names, most Ghanaians will just shorten the name of bae or the regular sugar, honey etc.

If you’re stuck up on the name to use for bae as a pet name, then choose one of these nice Latin romantic words and nobody will even know what it means except the two of you.

1. Cara

Meaning: Beloved

Image: courtesy

2. Uxor

Meaning: Spouse

3. Mel

Meaning: Honey

african couple love art

Image: Pinterest (Lola)

4. Deliciae

Meaning: Sweetheart

Black couple in bed

Image: HowAfrica

5. Mei

Meaning: Mine

couple love propose young cute date

Photo: Poka Arts/Instagram

6. Amor

Meaning: Love


7. Fortuna

Meaning: Fortunate


8. Pectore

Meaning: Heart

love birds

Image: Ray Art (Penciled Celebrities)

9. Fideles

Meaning: Faithful


10. Pulchra

Meaning: Beautiful

Image: Communityjournal

11. Pulchellus

Meaning: Pretty

Image: WeLoveGhanaWeddings/Instagram

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