17 Delicious Moments Only Women Will Understand

As a lady, life is at its sweetest moment when you finally get to do any of these, now that’s freedom.

1. Removing Your Bra. 

Finally getting to take off that Bra at the end of the day is something every woman yearns for and getting that fresh air to blow beneath your breasts, that’s heavenly.

2. Being Naked.

When at home alone and you finally get the freedom to walk around naked and get air in all the right places is priceless.

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3. That Feeling After Taking Off Your Makeup.

When you finally get to take off that Mascara, those long eyelashes and even your contact lens, now that’s freedom.

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4. No Hair Day.

You finally get to shave your pubic hair, legs, armpit and make you feel like a baby, that’s happiness.

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5. Getting All Those Bobby Pins And Ribbons Out Your Hair.

Especially when you had one itching or pinching your scalp all day.

bobby pins fro natural hair


6. The Freedom Of Farting.

When you are in private and you can now let it out without feeling guilty or being judged, ladies! you know that’s like receiving an award.

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7. Removing All Your Shapewear.

When after an event, you finally get home and you can now remove all those suffocating shapewear. Only those who wear this will understand us better.

Image: LailasBlog

8. Finally Getting A Place To Pee.

There’s nothing more relieving than this.

9. When You Get To Remove Those High Heels.

After a hard days walk, that’s paradise.

10. Reaching That Residue In Your Bra.

When something slips down your Bra, such as a popcorn and you try grabbing it but you’re unable to reach it and you finally get hold of it, now that feels like being successful in life. You’re the winner baby!!!

dance gif

Image: Giphy

11. Taking Your Braids Down.

When you have those tight braids on and you know your scalp is hurting AF but because you want to look glam you bear it and when you finally can’t take it anymore, and you take it off and get some breeze through your hair, that’s like magic.

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12. Finally Being Able To Fit Into Your Favourite Jeans.

Yes! Yes!! it means you’re losing weight and that makes you feel good.

13. An Orgasm.

Obviously!! Need we say more?

14. When Your Period Is Over.

Oh! My God, that’s awesome because you know all your troubles are finally over for another period of time.


15. When The Pregnancy Test Comes Back Negative.

That’s ecstatic and you know it.

16. When Your Crush Finally Proposes.

Your heart throbs with excitement all day.


Photo: Poka Arts/Instagram

17. That Feeling After Showering Before Hitting The Sheets.

When you get home from a busy day and you finally take that shower and hit the sheets, such a relieve.

Image: BlackGirlsGuideToWeightLoss

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