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Saudi Arabia arrests religious clerk for financing IS

Saudi Arabia has arrested a religious clerk for financing Islamic State (IS) militant group related terrorism, Sabq online local news reported on Saturday.

The religious clerk mentioned as (A.A.) was wanted for a terrorism case and arrested on Friday.

The suspect was questioned by the police before and he was expected his arrest after learning that the case against him will be referred to court. He was arrested at the desert while trying to flee the country to Iraq or Syria.

Besides the security operations to tackle terrorism, Saudi Arabia has been taking serious steps to control terrorism-related money-raising activities.

The Interior Ministry even controlled late last year the collection of blood money, as such fundraisings should be collected through official bank accounts.

In Saudi Arabia, convicts who face death penalty for accidently causing the death of others, such as traffic accidents or fights could be spared from the sentence if blood money will be given to the victims’ families. Some families ask huge amounts that is difficult for convicts to pay, so nationwide campaigns are usually held to raise the amounts. Enditem

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