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Ghanaians Rubbish Mensa Otabil’s Fufu Killer Message: ‘The Asantehemaa Lived for Over 100 Years And Ate Fufu Everyday’ A Commenter Wrote– READ What They Are Saying Here

Dr Mensa Otabil is on a crusade to persuade Ghanaians not tp eat fufu, the pillar of their lives–and even though the man of God gets away with a lot of his absurd messages, this time, social media folks ain’t having it.

Mensa Otabil said Fufu is killing Ghanaians–adding that the process of making it is not only tiresome, Fufu is full of bacteria that kill.

He even said eating with your hand is lame as it’s an antiquated way of eating–something he has stopped doing for many years.

Responding to Otabil’s message, a Facebook user wrote; “what’s Otabil talking about, didn’t the Asantehemaa who died recently live for about 100 years–while eating Fufu every day?’

Another wrote: “The bacteria found in the mortar is capable of preventing six killer disease and that is what has protected us till now. Was he killed when he ate fufu at tender age? Ghanaian bacteria are friendly and they give us retentive memory.”

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