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PHOTOS: You Wouldn’t Believe How Badly The Ghana International Trade Fair Centre Has Been Left To Rot

As a kid, the Ghana Intentional Trade Fair Centre was a near mythical venue. Even though I grew up just across the street from it, it wasn’t a place you just went there when you felt like.

It was the ultimate place to visit for a bit of fun, and any school trip to the trade fair was always the most patronised.

So it has been something of a personal tragedy watching the centre being left to ruins. The trade fair used to host the biggest exhibitions and all the best shows, but in recent years its stock has been falling steadily.

The centre is falling apart by the day, as the nation’s foremost newspaper, the Daily Graphic reports…

With the exception of pavilions A and B, as well as the Mobile Pavilion and the one housing the offices of the Ghana Trade Fair Company (GTFC), operators of the centre, the other facilities at the centre have been overtaken by weeds, making them good havens for reptiles.

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During a visit to the centre last weekend and early this week, the Daily Graphic observed that the famous Round Pavilion, which used to attract many visitors during trade fairs, was in bad shape.

The roof of the pavilion had been ripped off, while the Entertainment Centre behind the Round Pavilion was overgrown with weeds.

Apart from a few institutions, such as the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Ghanaian Exporters (FAGE) and other companies, which have permanent shops and stores there, there is nothing to write home about the centre.

Of course, some events are still held there as some portions are still presentable, but overall the centre is headed towards ruin and its stock has truly fallen and its no longer considered the premiere event hosting facility in the country.

Check some photos of the current sorry state of the centre below…photos via Graphic Online.

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