The Ngoma Africa Band – East Africa’s golden voices and most wanted Band

The Ngoma Africa Band aka FFU also known as Anunnaki alien, is East Africa´s most wanted band in Europe. The German based band gained its popularity through their extraordinary stage performance on festivals and other events in and out of Europe, leaving fans always wanting for more.

Members of Ngoma Africa Band after sending the people wildMembers of Ngoma Africa Band after sending the people wild

Ngoma Africa Band with it´s more than two decades experience and encounter with diverse cultures and audiences which has marked it´s success in the music and entertainment industry.

The secret of Ngoma Africa Band can be explained as a result of a large research and fusion between traditional and modern music elements that creates a completely irrestitible dancing groove, difficult to resist by its fans. Nicknamed by fans as FFU (Field Force Unit),Anunnaki aliens or “Watoto wa Mbwa ” which means the fierce puppies expressions as a result of the irresitible nature of that transformation it´s audience into a dance fiesta

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The Ngoma Africa Band has continously topped the East African music charts with its two released Albums and many singles, all songs composed and written by Founder and also band leader Ebrahim Makunja aka commander Ras Makunja.

With more than 50,000,000 media impressions, Ngoma Africa Band amongst others, recognitions from cultural institutions, international producers, music academies ,Festivals and agencies who will like to take East African music into their music repetoire, Ngoma Africa is a grassroot band and we like to stay focus on its vision, mission and objectives.

The youngest soloist Matondo Benda; drumer Jo Sausa aka surgent Major Jo Sousa, Gaiilo Prof, were onces fans and due to the chance accorded them by NGOMA AFRICA BAND, their dreams of playing on global stage with Ngoma Africa Band became a reality

Ngoma Africa Band´s talents and vocals are Flora William, Jessicha Ouyah , Aj Nbongo, Mo Benda, including multi-talented Chris-B Bakotessa and bandleader Ebrahim Makunja also known as Kamanda Ras Makunja

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What makes Ngoma Africa Band different from existing bands in this category, is their ability to communicate with fans at every level -emotions, feelings, happiness, tears, smiles, laughters and keeping their memories warm. „Our music is a tool that creates new friendship and unites old relationships.” Declares the band leader – Kamanda Ras Makunja

We enjoy travelling and visiting new places just to give our fans a great feeling and satisfaction that they deserved.

The 10 members of the band are focused on promoting the East African Music “Bongo Dansi” on the global stage, Germany, Europe and Africa, and the do this gesture most of the time from private spendings. „Most of the time band spend own money with no sponsors,just to transport East African Music to meet fans in their respective regions” declares members of the band!

The Ngoma Africa Band and fans shall keep the East african music alive on global stage forever! Thanks to our fans, bloggers, journalist and Djs for playing and spreading the news worldwide, together we promote and brand East Africa through our culture – music: We look forward to performing at your festival, events, private parties and other occassions of your choice. The Ngoma Africa Band is a community band made for community people worldwide

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