All The Reasons Why You Have To Watch Bariga Sugar

Bariga Sugar is a 21-minute short film directed by Ifeoma Nkiruka Chukwuogo; written and produced by Ifeoma Nkiruka Chukwuogo and Ikenna Edmund Okah.

Set in a ghetto brothel in Lagos in the mid-90s, it tells the story of 8-year-old Ese whose mother, Tina is one of Bariga Sugar’s working women.  Often neglected, lonely and socially awkward with dreams of one day ruling the brothel, she forms an unlikely friendship with Jamil, a new child in Bariga Sugar.

After watching, here are all the reasons you have to see it for yourself

1. The child actors

We think this is their first film ever but they totally nailed it. Tunde Azzez and Halima Olarewaju who played the role of Jamil and Ese respectively were phenomenal to say but the least.

Image: BellaNaija

2. Nostalgia

For some reason, the scene where the kids were introduced made me remember those days where we had to walk up to people and ask to be their friends. And look at that Goldspot in the background. Where did they get it?

Image: BellaNaija

3. The veteran Tina Mba

Tina Mba was the queen of Bariga Sugar and boy was she amazing! Someone even said “she made her want to be the queen of a brothel” and we agree.

Image: BellaNaija

4. Very original and not like your typical movie

Bariga Sugar touches issues that we hardly see in Nigerian movies. We see movies about prostitutes and all but who goes at it from this side? Amazing!

Image: BellaNaija

5. Very emotional

The movie is the perfect blend of emotions. One minute, you’re smiling, next minute you’re shedding tears.

Image: BellaNaija

It’s available on YouTube.

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