10 Hairstyles We’ve Seen On Adorable Baby Girls

When they wear matching outfits with their mothers, they are on a whole new level of cuteness.

Mother daughter matching hairstyke

Image: Pinterest

You may not know this, but baby girls can slay all on their own. When it comes to fashion, these cute little darlings will melt your heart with their style. Here are all the times baby girls slayed different hairstyles:

1. Queen of Pepper Dem Gang!

2. Little fashionista

3. All Smiles

Little girl hairstyle

Image: Pinterest

4. Twinning

5. Lending Mama some swag

6. When your slay didn’t come to play

7. Little bead princess

8. Double dose of cuteness

9. When Mummy steals your style

10. Cornrows with mummy

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