10 DIY Makeup And Skincare Hacks You Need To Know If You Have Oily Skin

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Oily skin can be difficult to manage because it makes you look sweaty and tired even when you aren’t. Not to mention the fact that your makeup always gets messy after a while. If you have oily skin, it means your skin produces more sebum than required which gives it an oily texture. You may have tried several products to keep it under control but at times using the wrong products could trigger more oil production. The good news is, you can turn a greasy, shiny complexion into a fresh-faced glow! Here are 10 tips that can help.

1. Resist the urge to wash your face too often

The skin produces oil naturally, and if you constantly strip away these oils, it leads it to produce more oil. Basically, oil is necessary for a healthy face and it’s impossible to get rid of it.

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2. Make use of clay masks

Clay masks help to suck away all the excess oil and deep rooted dirt.

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3. Moisturise

You might think moisturising is counterproductive, but your skin needs moisture. Avoid using oil based products to moisturise and use water-based products instead. Invest in moisturising gels.

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4. Use a mattifying primer

When you wear makeup, mattifying primer helps to suck up the oil and provide a barrier between your skin and the makeup. Milk of Magnesium does this really well.

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5. No makeup oils

Avoid this because it’s going to make your skin look worse.

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6. Use concealer  on your eyelids

This helps your eyeshadow look better.

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7. Avoid luminous looks

It’s hard for people with oily skin to do luminous or glossy makeup without making their face look greasy.

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8. Use setting powder after doing your makeup

This will help your makeup last longer.

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9. Use a setting spray

This helps a lot, and it helps to keep your makeup matte.

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10. Use setting powder/spray after using your primer

This gives your skin an extra layer of protection, and the oil can get through.

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Watch Deola Adebiyi of Omogemura as she shares more amazing skin hacks and tricks for people with oily skin.

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