9 Ways To Make Your Crush Like You

If you are single, there must be someone you are crushing on.

When we are crushing on someone, we always wish they’d like us back. But sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. That’s because a lot of people just sit on the sidelines and hope that things will happen. It’s like you have a 20-ft barrier between the two of you, and you just wave from a distance.

Just like God helps those who help themselves, love comes to those who attract it themselves.

If you want to attract your crush, start by just being yourself then follow these helpful, surefire ways to ignite that sought-after spark.

1. Be present.

We can’t like what we do not see or experience. If someone doesn’t know you exist, how will they like you? Currently, that person is your crush. It’s not the other way around at this point, so you may need to put more effort. You may be thinking it’s hard putting yourself out there, which it totally is! But, be brave, you can do it. Be around—wherever they are. Just don’t be a stalker, If it’s an office crush for example, show up at their department or desk at least once or twice a day. Same applies if you are in college.


2.  Engage them in conversations.

It is through talking that we get to know what someone is all about. Your crush will like you more by maybe listening to your voice, hearing your jokes or marveling at the smart ideas that come out of your mouth. So don’t be shy to talk to them. Talk about anything.

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3. Join in on their pass-time activities.

We are attracted to people who like the same things as us. When your crush has a specific hobby, joining in on it might win you a couple of points. However, don’t pretend you like something when you don’t. Only tag along on things that you can manage.


4. Drop hints.

The best way to go about this has always been making suggestive comments. Drop hints everywhere be it when talking, texting or talking about serious stuff. When your crush asks you something, find a creative way to link it back to your feelings for them.

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5. Do not compete.

Sometimes you might not be the only one that likes that person. You might be facing a lot of competition but no matter how stiff it is, don’t openly show your crush that you are competing for them. I know when you’re eager for someone to like you back, things can get out of control. Just a warning: Competing with other people is just the same as showing desperation and it’s definitely not hot. If it’s at work and all people go to the desk of your crush to catch their attention, choose a different strategy. See them outside work for example. You get the drift right?

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6. Have a sense of style.

A well-dressed person will always make a good impression on their crush. Even if you are an introvert who doesn’t talk much, having a good sense of style will cover for where you can’t deliver. No one has ever been criticized for looking good.

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7. Avoid overthinking.

Let things happen naturally and take a deep breath. Overthinking your every move, word, or text is going to hurt your chances, not help them.  Relaxing and letting it flow how it should is a foolproof way to get your crush to like you. Overthinking makes you nervous, tense, and choked up. Relax and let it be.

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8. Make friends with their friends.

This part is crucial. If you want to get them to like you, start being friends with their friends. When you’ve got their friends talking about how awesome you are, they won’t be able to help themselves: they’ll start seeing you in a whole new light.


9. Showcase your personality.

Don’t be afraid to show who you really are. Never make the mistake of pretending too. Your dorky, weird, awesome self has to come out of the overbearing shell you’ve got it trapped in if you really want to get your crush to like you. Your personality is what makes you likable in the first place. You might be surprised that those little quirks are what someone is going to like the most about you. So, let them out and don’t hold back if you really want your crush to start crushing on you.

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