7 Reasons Why You Might Be Losing Friends

Everyone needs friends, good loyal friends.

Losing friends is a common phenomenon. We keep losing touch with our old friends and they are replaced by new friends. Sometimes, losing friends can be really upsetting. This is especially true when you keep losing friends regularly.

There can be a lot of different reasons why you’re lacking in the friendship department. I am going to go over some of the biggest reasons why you might be losing friends.

People love their private time too. Do you demand too much from your friends and it now seems like your pals can’t schedule time for you? Maybe you require more attention than they are able to give. There are plenty of reasons for clinginess, but one way to combat this is to meet a lot of new people. A steady stream of potential friends coming in your life will help you to stop relying on just the few people in your circle.

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2. You let out the secrets.

Let’s face it: sometimes there is ‘someone’ in the group that gossips to everyone else in the group about their ‘friend’. What kind of friend does that? It’s rude and shows that you lack actual care, respect, and love for them. If you have a tendency to gossip about people you call your ‘friends’, then you can rest assured you will be left empty handed when these so-called ‘friends’ discover your bad mouthing habit. Gossiping is never a nice thing to do, so in this situation, you can’t really blame them for leaving you high and dry.

3. You are too busy for your friends.

Being busy is something a lot of us deal with, but if you are consistently putting other obligations in your life ahead of your friends, they may feel you don’t care and back away from your life. This is especially true if you’ve taken the time to call when you wanted something, but can’t be bothered with keeping in touch otherwise. If you have been running at a fast pace for a while, you might not even realize you are losing friends.



4. You never seem concerned.

Do you ever ask your friends how they are doing, or is it always about you? Some people are incredibly selfish and only care about themselves. If this sounds like you, your friends are going to notice after some time. They will realize you don’t really care about them and only worry about yourself. Friends don’t do that!

5. You have changed as a person.

We grow up and change as people. Are you the same person with the same likes and dislikes that you had when you met most of your friends? Definitely not; that is why your old friends don’t recognize you anymore. Positive change is better but no one likes a friend who changes for the worst, especially if that person doesn’t want to accept it.


6. You don’t like to do things.

Your friends most likely want to go out and do things! If you’re the type to turn down all plans, they will probably stop asking you to hang out because they know your answer will almost always be ‘no’. When someone is friends with someone who never has time for fun, it’s just plain boring for them.

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7. You’re unpleasant to be around.

Of course your friends will be there when you’re having a bad day, but is every day a bad day for you? Are you constantly in a bad mood? Maybe you’re always complaining about something or someone. Perhaps you’re angry at everything around you. Maybe you’re always down and out about every little thing in life. If you’re simply unpleasant to be around, eventually you’re going to push your friends away too.

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