2017 Francophonie Festival 11Tth – 25th March, 2017

The francophone embassies in Ghana and Alliance française cordially invite you to the opening ceremony of the 2017 Francophonie Festival that will be held at Alliance Française on Saturday 11th of March in the presence of the Francophone Ambassadors in Ghana.

For this occasion, Bibie Brew, the world-renowned singer from Ghana, who had a successful career in France, and Fafa Ruffino, the rising star from Benin, will be performing in Accra for the pleasure of all.

As every year, the Francophone Embassies in Ghana together with Alliance Française Accra are organizing various events to celebrate the Francophonie in Ghana. Its cultural and linguistic diversity will be honored in a laid back and joyful atmosphere: concerts, a 10km run, a football tournament, a round table discussion on cross-cultural work related issues, literary and painting workshop, French competitions and a stand-up comedy.

The Francophonie International Day is celebrated on the 20th of March every year.

Ghana has had the status of International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF in French) associated member since 2006. Francophonie in Ghana, a country surrounded by Francophone countries, represents a unique opportunity to meet francophone or francophile persons and develop partnerships with the francophone communities.

The term “Francophonie” refers to all of the states and governments worldwide who share the French language. The International Organisation of La Francophonie, created in 1970, represents one of the biggest linguistic zones in the world. Its mission is to embody the active solidarity between its 84 member states and governments (58 members and 26 observers), which together represent over one-third of the United Nations’ member states and account for a population of over 890 million people, including 220 million French speakers.

IOF organizes political activities alongside the four main objectives which it has been assigned:

  • To promote the French language, cultural and linguistic diversity,
  • To promote peace, democracy and Human Rights
  • To support education, training, higher education institutions and research
  • To foster cooperation in favour of sustainable development.
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Its head office is in Paris, France, with regional offices all over the world, including one in Togo.


7:00 am – Run for la Francophonie (North Ridge-Kanda) Athletes, be united to promote Francophonie in Ghana.

7:30pmOpening Ceremony and Concert by « Bibie » (Ghana) and Fafa Rufino (Benin). For the opening of the Francophonie Festival, Benin and Ghana are taking it to the next level ! An original musical experience celebrating the cultural diversity of West Africa that is sure to uplift you ! WHAT TO EXPECT : FUN FUN FUN

Dworzulu — Osu Badu Ave & Nii Noi Kwame St.

2:00pm- Football Tournament
It’s the football tournament! Come and witness teams from various Francophone nations show their expertise in the most popular sport on the continent.

Morning: Kids Show by Gnimdéwa Atakpama French School, East Legon

Travel with us in the wonderful world created by the famous Togolese Story teller.

Lycée Français (French School). Grand finale of the French spelling bee : “Epelle-le”

organized by Young Educators Foundation.
MONDAY 20TH – Francophonie International day

Alliance Française
8-11:00am- Grand finale of French competitions (University Category)

11:00am- Performances by the French club of Mount Mary College of Education

12:00pm- Award ceremony of the various competition categories

2 :00pm- Round table Discussion – Anglophone/Francophone work-related issues. Come and discuss cross-cultural joys and challenges in the work environment with 4 panelists from Ghana, France and African Francophone countries.


University of Ghana. Colloquium : “Is there a future for the French language in Africa and the world at large?”

Alliance Française
11am-7pm -Francophonie Fair : enjoy and share the arts & crafts, food, music, dance from the numerous Francophone countries

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7:00pm- Final Show: Stand-Up Comedy by Charlotte Ntamack (Cameroon)

What To Expect: Lots Of Laughter, 100% in French !
La Francophonie Benchmarks

  • 274 million French speakers worldwide
    There are an estimated 274 million French speakers worldwide, among them 212 million with a daily use, 54,7% living in Africa.
  • 60% of French speakers are under 30 years old
    In most of the IOF member countries, 60% of the population is under 30 years old.
  • French is the 2nd foreign language studied and the 3rd most widely used language on the Web

French is the 2nd most studied foreign language in the world, after English

French is the 3rd most widely used language on the Web with 5% of Internet pages, after English (45%) and German (7%) and ahead of Spanish (4.5%).

  • French is an official language in 32 member states and governments
    French is either the official language, or one of the official languages in 32 of the IOF’s member states, governments or observers.
  • 19 countries have French as a language of instruction, 13 in Africa at the pre-tertiary level while other countries have French or bilingual studies at the tertiary level of Education
  • French is the 2nd most widely spoken mother tongue and the 2nd most widely spoken foreign language in the European Union
    French is the second most widely spoken mother tongue (16%) after German (23%) and ahead of English (15.9%) in the European Union
  • French is the 2nd most widely spoken foreign language (19%) after English (41%) and ahead of German (10%) and Spanish (7%) in the European Union.
  • 900,000 French teachers worldwide
    There are an estimated 900,000 French teachers worldwide.
  • March 20, 1970 : the birth of an intergovernmental organization of French-speaking nations
    March 20, 1970 saw the birth of an intergovernmental organisation of French-speaking nations, with the creation in Niamey (Niger), of the Agency of Cultural and Technical Cooperation. This organisation adopted a new Charter of Francophony in 2005 and was renamed the International Organisation of La Francophonie (IOF) as it is still known today.
  • The IOF : 84 States and governments
    The IOF has 84States and governments (including 26observers) across the five continents.
  • IOF’s community : 890 million people
    In 2008, the IOF’s 80 States and governments represented a total of 890 million people, or 13% of the world’s population.
  • The IOF : over one-third of the UNO’s member states
    The International Organisation of La Francophonie’s 75 member states and governments represent over one-third of the United Nation’s member states.
  • The French-speaking zone accounts for 19% of world trade in goods
    With 18.9% of world exports and 19% of world imports, French-speaking countries account for 19% of world trade in goods
  • French is the 3rd language in business
  • TV5 is broadcast in 202 countries
    TV5MONDE, the multilateral French language television channel, has the 3rd largest international television network and is broadcast in 202 countries.
  • 215 million homes : TV5’s audience
    TV5MONDE broadcasts French productions 24 hours a day to an audience estimated at over 220 million homes.
  • IOF has partnerships with 31 international and regional organisations
    The IOF has signed cooperation agreements with 31 international and regional organisations including the UNO, the European Union and the African Union.
  • 78 French-speaking parliaments or interparliamentary organisations
    The Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie comprises 78 parliaments or inter-parliamentary organisations.
  • 880 French-speaking establishments for further education and research
    The Academic Agency of La Francophonie federates 880 establishments for further education and research in 94 countries.
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