13 Annoying Questions Ghanaian Women Are Tired Of Hearing

It’s annoying when women get asked certain questions when they try to perform some tasks.

What we can tell you is that Ghanaian women are tired of hearing those questions so you better stop. Below are 13 of them.

1. Can you really drive that type of car?

The question is, do we have some cars specifically designed for women? Does one need special skills to drive certain cars? All you need is the determination and knowledge about it.

2. Can you carry those things?

We always assume women are not strong enough just because they are women but have you thought about the fact that if it’s indeed heavy she wouldn’t attempt? Plus, there are women who are even stronger than men.

3. You don’t look okay, are you in your period?

Yes we know women get a bit of attitude when they’re on their period but that doesn’t mean anytime they are not okay, it means it’s that time of the month.

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4. Can you eat all that?

Why assume it is only men who should eat heavy? If she couldn’t, she wouldn’t have dished that.

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5. You are a sports fan, how?

So it is a crime for a woman to love sports?

6. Do you know women have an expiry date?

As if women are tins of milk. This is normally said in relation to fertility and they hate it to the core.

7. Let me help you with that?

It’s nice to offer to help a woman with tasks but don’t make it sound like you think she’s too weak to do it by herself.

8. A woman and you don’t know how to cook?

Since when did cooking become a prerequisite for a woman? This is not a cool question to ask and they hate it.

9. You can’t dress this way because it is not lady-like.

Says who?

10. Can you finish that beer?

Please, just as you can finish it, she can also do same if she wants. If she needs help, she’ll let you know.

11. Do you have a boyfriend?

If you have something to say why don’t you go ahead. It’s not like her answer will change what you want to say anyways.

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12. You can’t fight boys.

When was fighting exclusively to only boys? These make women feel weak but they are not.

13. You can’t climb trees.

Apparently, God only created trees for boys to climb and not girls.