For The First Time In 58 Years, Tomatoes Have Been Transported By Rail From Kano To Lagos

lagos kano train

Image- Dailytrust

Tomatoes planted in the North are usually packed in baskets and transported via lorry to the South.

Due to the unstable conditions of the lorry, most of the tomatoes end up being squashed before they arrive in places like Lagos, Ogun, Oyo etc.


Image- Punch

Some farms tested moving the tomato produce via train.

The tomatoes were loaded up in crates instead of baskets

The crates are reusable, and there’s less chance of the tomatoes being damaged.

The tomatoes were sorted and graded before loading

And then transported in cold room carriages

The tomatoes arrived in Lagos after 36 hours

And most of them were in great condition

We think this is great, and we hope it continues. You might also want to check out the largest Onion market in Kebbi state.

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