Waakye To Become A Pastor After Surviving Heart Attack

Veteran actor Prince Yawson, more commonly known as Waakye, has revealed that he’s ready to venture into ministry now – after surviving a scary heart attack.

Waakye was taken ill a few weeks ago and rushed to hospital, where he was diagnosed with suffering a heart attack.

Now on the mend, Waakye spoke to Kasapa Tv, revealing that he believes his life was spared by God for a reason – and he believes that reason is for him to venture into evangelism/ministry.

“What I see is that God is trying to tell me something because he’s been calling me to do his work but I always find an excuse… probably this is the only way that will draw me closer to Him (God).” he said.

“I’ll start evangelising or train to be a pastor to do his work and if anything I wouldn’t go through a situation like this again…I realised God gave me back my life because he wants me to do a job for him.”

Waakye also recounted what exactly happened to him that day…

Watch Waakye speaking to Kasapa below…

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