Someone Finally Jumps To Manasseh’s Defence Against Nana Kwame

Manasseh Azure Awuni has been brutally trolled by Ghanaians online after he wrote a ‘project work’ style response to a Ghanaian who brilliantly trolled him for attacking an African conference of CEO’s held in Europe.

Manasseh wondered aloud why the conference was not held in Africa to keep the revenue generated from it here, which prompted Nana Kwame’s now viral response.

Whilst many are making fun of Manasseh for the way he’s handled the exchange, one person standing behind him is the poet, Nenebi.

Nenebi authored a lengthy post on Facebook in which he defended the reporter’s stance on the issue, calling Nana Kwame’s response a ‘senseless’ one.

He wrote:

I hate talking about issues just because they are trending but I have to talk about Mannasseh Azure’s issue because he is trending.

I can argue both for and against Africa CEOs having their summit in Geneva. I think one reason they might have chose Geneva is because of international media attention. The international media (no matter how much I hate them, we need them) don’t like to report about positive things happening in Africa. Actually the media don’t like to report on positive things happening anywhere. Only difference is, if a high school kid shoots a school in the US, the headline is, “High School Shooting in Virginia, 17 killed”.

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High school kids in Africa don’t kill people because they were teased. Should soldiers shoot 7 people in Mogadishu, the headline will be, “Violent Shooting in Africa, 7 killed, Several Other Feared Dead.”

Having the summit in Geneva will make the international media feel more comfortable talking about it. May be they are trying to pull a Drake. Drake hardly talked about Canada in his first 3 albums.

He shouted out Houston (where he met Lil Wayne) and named songs after American cities till he got their attention. Now Drake talks about Canada like the whole world lives in Canada.

His new album, he talked about Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario the way you talk about something people already know. Nobody knows Lake Ontario.

He is making Canada cool because he sold his soul to the US to get their ear.

Now he is selling Canada to them (more on Drake later). Sometimes you have to kiss the frog to get the prince. I want to believe that’s what they are doing.

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Unfortunately, the whole summit will be covered in a 60-seconds report so is it worth it? I don’t know. The against is, the summit is about making money in Africa. How about start with keeping money in Africa like Azure (whose opinion 98% of the time I don’t care about. I don’t care about the opinion of journalists who started life as pournalists and are only talkers and writers because Kanye said, “If you are doing and not just talking, you will know how hard it is to actually do”) said.

Nana Kwame’s response to Azure is very senseless and out of place. First of all, people have their wedding where they stay, not where they come from. So the Africa CEOs, using the wedding logic, should have kept the summit where their businesses stay.

Azure stays in Accra, Aburi is closer to Accra than his hometown. Number 2, husbands usually don’t decided the wedding location and stuff like that. The bride does (and in Ghana, the family, and church, since Azure is a Christian, decides on that).

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The whole wedding in hometown thing, who does that? Of course, unless you are from Ada. Even me, I won’t fore my wife to get married in Ada but getting married in Ada is not her dream, she won’t be my bride in the first place. Aburi is where you settle on when you can’t have Ada. #CokeInTheFlagstaff“

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