10 Struggles You Have To Deal With If Your Friends Are Tech-Savvy

Technology has taken over the world and so these days if you’re not tech-savvy, you feel like you’ve been left out.

Having friends who are technologically inclined is something that can give you a headache because you will have to deal with these struggles every day.

1. Technical terms you don’t understand.

In a conversation, they could be talking about a computer motherboard and all the things you will need on it to make it function better and they will be using all the technical terms of a computer which are mostly abbreviations and you feel like you’re in a different world. But do they care?

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2. Exchanging gadgets you have no idea about.

You will be there and before you know it, one of them brings a gadget and they all go crazy about it but you’re like WTF!! What’s exciting about this?

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3. When they try to explain codes and API to you.

So you try to catch up and ask them to explain some things to you and they start explaining how codes or algorithms work. Before you know it, you’re bidding them goodbye because it sounds like Greek to you.


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4. Having a conversation with them sounds weird.

You’re with them and you’re all having a conversation. Yes! they’re speaking English but it sounds like they are Germans and you’re English. Everything they say sounds like nonsense to you.

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5. They always want to teach you something new about technology.

They even want to teach you how to use the TV remote in a way you never thought of.

6. You always look primitive with them.

There is a new invention, well you actually thought it was new and you feel so excited about it only to get home and show it to your friends and they are like, “oh! this is archaic, the 3rd version came out last year”


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7. They handle your supposed problem with ease.

There is that moment you’ve been trying almost all your life to solve a computer problem and you conclude there’s nothing that could be done, only for your tech savvy friend to walk in and within seconds, fix it.

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8. They are inseparable with their laptops or Mac-Books.

They always have a backpack because they just can’t leave without their laptops. You’re always the odd one out because you don’t see why you should be carrying your laptop around all the time.

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9. They know apps that make life easy.

They always know a new app that solves all your problems. They make you even feel like there is an app that can help you sneak into heaven and you keep asking yourself, why didn’t I know this?.

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10. When they keep saying, “Oh! how can you not know this?”

When you have a problem and you ask them for help, they belittle you by looking surprised and they end up asking that embarrassing question, “buy you, don’t you know this simple thing?”.

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