19 Struggles That Girls Who Love Weaves Can Relate To

Hunnies who aren’t #TeamNatural, this is for you!

I love weaves cause of one simple thing; the minute it’s fixed on the head, it becomes low maintenance. All you gotta do is brush, spray and go.

I tried the whole natural hair thing and it’s not for me; by the time I’m on my fourth bantu knot, my arms feel like those of someone who has been lifting dumbells all damn day. I’ll stick to my weaves. I’ll very matter of factly mention though that wearing a weave doesn’t make you less African.

Akua Donkor throwing shade like no one's business

Weaving can get quite complicated though, it’s not all rosy in the horse hair avenue.

Here are struggles that girls who love weaves can relate to:

1. Too much variety…

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2. Yeah I don’t know what to pick between Malaysian, Indian, Mongolian, Peruvian, Brazillian…etc.

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3. And even if I do pick one, I don’t know if it’s real virgin hair or fake.


4. Not forgetting the fact that weaves are damn expensive.

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5. So you’re tempted to carry a flat iron to the shop to test the hair before buying.

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6. You can’t decide on the style you want. Remember point number 1?

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7. When it starts tangling after one week, you definitely know you were duped. #FakeAssHair

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8. Or when you try to dye it without success.

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9. Then there’s the constant itching. Lord! Pat yo weaves ladies…

10. And when you brush it out, the whole room is filled with split ends.

11. When you leave a bit of your relaxed real hair to merge with the weave and you end up looking like this.

bad weave

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12. Or when you leave no hair and end up looking like this…

bad weave

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13. Swimming is a no no…erm, we will just sit pretty by the poolside and dip our legs if you don’t mind.


14. After gym or sweating you feel like you just want to wash the hair.

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15. And yeah…you totally can but that will loosen the tracks and it has another 3 weeks to last…

16. When it’s too long and we have to keep swinging it out of the face. It even gets stuck on the lipstick.

17. Then you have to deal with constantly finding hairs in the food.

18. Being asked…what hair is that? Give me your salonist’s number? Is that a weave or a wig? Why aren’t you proud to be African and have natural hair?

nigga please

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19. Your boo cannot run his fingers through your hair…bummer.