This New Reality Competition Will Tell You Which Of Your Favorite Celebrities Is A Better Gamer

Occasionally, men and women alike brag about their prowess in the video games explaining how they can always do way better than the other person, sometimes putting their monies where their mouth is.

This time around, the guys at IrokoX are taking it an extra mile by bringing Africa’s biggest celebrities, to search for and crown the continent’s top gamer.

The competition called Afro All Stars League will feature two celebrities, per episode going head to head with the world’s best games, battling for the ‘Best Video Gamer’ title.

According to the general manager at IrokoX, Oluchi Enuha, the competition was developed to showcase an everyday side to media personalities in a way that people could relate to. It is unscripted and entertains people from different walks of life.

You can watch the trailer to the competition here

And check out the pilot episode of the show, which features rapper and The Wedding Party actor, Ikechukwu Killz against his fellow rapper and Head of Syndik8 Records, Lynxxx in an interesting game of FIFA 17.

Ikechukwu and Lynxxx

Here’s the first part

And the second part

The fans are not left out of it all. Asides the part where you get to enjoy your favourite celebrities unwinding, they also get to vote who they want to see this season, by voting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram [@irokoxsquad].

Look forward to seeing more episodes of the show!

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