The Funniest Replies To This Post About Washing Plates In Your Boyfriend’s Mum’s Kitchen

The question generating all the buzz said:

“If you visit your boyfriend’s mom for the first time and she asks you to wash this, what will you do?”

Ladies tell us what you’ll do in this situation

Posted by OMGVoice Nigeria on Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Even if na husband

Here’s what the members of our active Facebook community had to say about it

1. Some were willing to wash if the boyfriend in question will rinse

I’ll wash as long as the boy will rinse and fetch the water

Submitted by Mercy Obriki

2. Some said they’ll go home and continue praying for another one

I won’t. It’s for me to go home and continue my prayer for hubby

Submitted by Onumara Uche

3. Others said they’ll wash depending on the manner of approach

My washing the plates depends on the attitude and approach

Submitted by Chinny Okonkwo

4. And for this user, she’ll wash but never visit again.

I will wash it but never visit again

Submitted by Olori Jay Striker

5. And this one will rethink dating the boyfriend

Hahaha sorry but it’s a truthful no right here. I will even have a rethink about marrying that guy,haba getting married into a messy family

Submitted by Rita Daniel

6. Way too much Nollywood 

I will start by selecting everything accordingly, the plates, cup, spoons, and then start washing. Remember, this might be a little test to know your capability and at the end, they might ask you not to wash them.

Submitted by Ephraim Odemelam

7. “Heaven won’t fall if I wash it”

I will gladly wash it because I know she did it on purpose, heaven won’t fall if I wash it

Submitted by Ajibade Wunmi Sofiat

8. We want to believe this person was trolling.

I will call my sisters for backup

Submitted by Amina Mustapha

9. “Na me do boyfriend pass?” Tears.

Wash what na? Na me do boyfriend pass

Submitted by Onyani Faye

10. This person thinks it’s absolutely disrespectful

Do you even know how disrespectful this is? Men won’t really understand the gravity until you reverse the case.

Submitted by Precious Ononye

So what say you? What will you do?

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