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Thousands Of Bags Of Cocoa Unconveyable In Sefwi Akatiso Amid Burnt Bridge

A wooden bridge at Sukusuku, a suburb of Sefwi Akatiso, on Boinzan Stool land, connecting to the people of Sefwi Dabiso in the Bia West District of the Western Region, has been set ablaze seizing all manner of movements.

cocoacocoaThis bridge serves about 40 communities in the district. Erstwhile, it was a metal bridge constructed in the year 2000, and got broken down by a fuel tanker in the year 2014. It has since not been reconstructed, thus through the initiative of the various communities and a philanthropist, they used timber logs to construct a temporal one in order to make it accessible for the people in the area.

The people of Sukusuku woke up this morning 30th – 03 – 2017, only to find the bridge in flames.

Speaking to News Ghana in an interview, Mr. Eddie (a.k.a Sagacious) from Akatiso disclosed that, he strongly suspects the youth of the town wilfully set the bridge ablaze.

According to him, all the people of the area have been crying loud to who ever that matters, over the nature of the bridge since it got broken in 2014, but to no avail. And they are afraid it might claim many innocent lives, due to it’s deplorable state.

“The youth of Sukusuku, might hsve willfully inflamed the bridge, thus to fast track it’s reconstruction. So there is no movement of cars, not even a bicycle without the bridge. Because there is no access route anywhere around to cross over”, he said.

“Akatiso is where most of Ghana’s cocoa comes from, and even as we speak now, almost all PBC depots in Akatiso area are full with Articulator vehicles around, eager to convey the loads to Accra and Takoradi harbours.

The drivers are afraid to load and are still waiting due to the dangerous nature of the bridge, thus they might subside. We are therefore pleading the our MP, the President, Ghana Cocoa Board and all stakeholders to come to our intervention because, that is their only main road leading to the other parts of the country”, Mr. Eddie bemoaned.

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