The Best Student In A Paediatrics Class Of 2015 Got N250 As Her Prize And We’re So Confused

It takes a lot of diligence and sacrifice amidst other things and that’s why they’re given a present to salute their efforts.

So imagine our shock when this twitter user posted a picture of a ‘present’ or better put, cash prize awarded to the best student in a Paediatrics class from University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital and we didn’t even understand.

It turns out that the student was offered a cash prize of two hundred and fifty Naira (N250) by the Paediatrics Association of Nigeria.

And just in case you were thinking it was a prize offered in the 80s or 90s, it’s not. The said student graduated just two years ago in 2015.

To think that they even wrote the prize on the envelope.

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So let’s start asking the right questions, like why N250?

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And what will N250 do for the student who did so well to deserve a prize?

And will N250 serve as an incentive for other students?

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Or another important question, why was it delayed for two years?


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Whatever it is, these people had better come out to claim it was wrong and send the actual prize to this deserving student.

Not like it’s the first time it’s happening, remember that time the valedictorian from the university was given a mug?