This Corper Ask Governor Fayose Of Ekiti For A Photograph And Got A Job Offer In Addition To It

Ayodele Fayose

Image: YouTube

He currently governs Ekiti State and is known for his very controversial nature which has indigenes and non-indigenes looking out to hear what he has to say.

The governor went visited Ikere Ekiti in Ekiti State for on the spot assessment of a road project going on and met a corper, Bright Osas Osamwonyi.

The corper, who is undergoing his one year compulsory service year in the state was just returning from his CDS . On seeing the governor, he ran to him and asked to get a picture. According to reports, Osas said:

Good afternoon Mr. Governor, I am a native of Edo, I relocated from Adamawa to Ekiti State because of my love for you,  I follow everything you do religiously online, I love you so much and I pray God take you higher and higher. I graduated from UNIBEN with a first class in Political Science and Public Administration, one thing I pray thee Sir, please allow me snap with you sir

The governor obliged him and the photographs took place. After that, Governor Fayose told him to go to the university provost and tell her to give him a job.

Osamwonyi Bright Ayo Fayose

Image: Nairaland

The corper couldn’t hold back his excitement as he prostrated in appreciation, thanking Governor Fayose for the favor./strong>

Osamwonyi Bright Ayo Fayose

Image: Nairaland

Speaking to newsmen afterward, he said:

I just thank God for what happened now and I pray God bless him abundantly. He has just called the provost that I should be retained, that I should be given automatic employment, permanent employment, he called the provost and the provost said first thing on Monday I should come with my CV. I just want to appreciate governor Fayose.

Such amazing news!

Here’s what Governor Fayose looked like years back.

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