The 7 Emotional Stages Of Using Twitter Everybody Goes Through

The service is used by almost everyone and admired for it’s swift dispersal of news and stories all over the world. But before you became very active on the platform, here are the stages you most likely went through.

1. Signing up for the app

It starts up with you joining the app, just because people you know are on it and because they say it’s cool.

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2. WTF is this shit?

Then there’s the wtf part where you don’t even understand what it is about. What is a retweet? And a quote tweet?


3. Dump

The next stage is where you leave the twitter app for a while, because you cannot come and kill yourself. There’s Facebook to be honest.

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4. Pick it up

All of a sudden, something piques your interest again and you’re back to it where you left it.

5. Understanding and loving it

One of the best phases ever. Now, you fully grasp what the app does and you know what it means to follow and retweet people.


6. Publicizing it

Well, sometimes this comes before stage 2 but more often, it comes here. The part where you keep shouting all over Facebook for your friends there to follow you on Twitter.

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7. Addiction

Then you’re addicted to the app and you’re checking it at every free time you have because duh, I have twitter.

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Was this how it happened for you?

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