14 Things You Can Relate To If You’ve Been To Computer Village

Computer Village is the destination for everything gadget and tech related. Here are 14 things you will definitely relate to if you’ve been to Computer village.

1. Immediately you enter, 1001 people are trying to get your attention

They always say fine boy or fine girl.

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2. And people will drag you anyhow 

crying nigerian man

Image: IdAfrica

3. You’ll probably hear people promising you really expensive phones at ridiculous price

Harry Potter wow gif

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4. Having you hold your belongings properly, because they can steal you in Computer Village

5. Computer Village scams are legendary. You can buy a phone happily, only for it to turn to fufu when you get home

6. And you’ll probably buy the ‘China Version’ of whatever you came to buy

They even have the China version of Nokia torchlight phones.


7. You’ll end up buying so many unnecessary things and phone accessories that you don’t even need

It’s only in computer village that there are 100 different types of USBs, and there’s special memory card.

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8. The sun in Computer village is always extra hot

9. Someone will ask you to follow them for your ‘Pink lips’ and ‘Tattoo’

10. If you mistakenly follow a trader thinking his shop is close, you’ll probably end up doing the walk of the Israelites

tired meme

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11. How everybody starts to look at you once they notice you’re holding cash


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12. If you take your gadget for repair, it’s probably going to come back with extra problems


Image: Twitter

13. And when the Engineer says it’s going to take 30 minutes to fix something, just know you’re spending the whole day there.

hiding in box meme

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14. You’ll probably have a moment where you don’t even understand what’s going on again

It’s either the person that’s supposed to repair your phone just disappeared or your wallet just got stolen.

Image: Smosh

LOL! Speaking of Computer Village, the LASG has announced its plans to relocate it to Katangowa. 

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