9 Types Of Callers That Drive Us Crazy On The Phone

Some phone calls can be exciting while others are simply annoying.

For some people, texts are preferable especially when a phone call can drive you up the wall. According to me, phone calls should be reserved for emergencies, meetings or some really good stories. Nevertheless, I am so sure there are times you’ve looked at your phone and had to talk yourself out from hanging up or even blocking that person.

Here are the 7 types of callers that drive us crazy.

1. Crazy ex

You’re not together but they still insist on calling you even at really odd hours. They keep calling you until you have no other option but to pick their call up. They want to talk about the first time you kissed and how much they miss you. No offense, but this is annoying.

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2. Literally, has nothing to say

So why did you call? These are the people who call you in middle of the day while you’re busy working but they insist on talking about the weather. They would rather have awkward silence than hang up even when the conversation is obviously done.

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3. Talks endlessly

They call you to either vent or for you to listen to them. After a long tiring day, the last thing you want to do is listen to a story that is endless. You may tell the endless talker that you need to sleep because they’ve been talking for hours but they insist that they’ll be done in 5 minutes and we fall for those lies.

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4. Parents

We love our parents but we don’t like them when they call us at 7 am in the morning about nothing. Those random conversations about their new couch is annoying at times although we don’t tell them. When your parents call every now and then to complain or lecture this becomes a nightmare.

When mum calls you

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5. Drunk dial

Why oh why must you call in the middle of the night? You made your decision to go out and get drunk so why are you calling? Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be wise to ignore a drunk dialers phone call because it could be an emergency or a desperate cry for help, like literally crying about their ex or just how bad the night has been. It gets irritating when it becomes a norm.

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6. The foodie who calls while talking

Somehow these types of callers like calling when they are eating. You can hear them chewing loudly with no shame which prolongs the story they are telling you without a doubt.If they hear that you have food they also offer to come over real fast even when you’re not interested.

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7. Forgetful much

They call you then forget what they wanted to say in the first place. The worst thing about this is when they texted you beforehand and told you how they had a juicy story for you then when you call them they have nothing to say.

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8. The laughter

Loud much? It’s cool that you have someone who can make you laugh that much until it’s not. Constantly laughing especially with a loud piercing voice is annoying and deafening.

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9. Dramatic one

Only true Africans will understand the dramatic caller. Their voices get louder, they have a lot of hand gestures and insist on the finer awkward details in a story. You should never tell such callers any juicy gossip especially when they are not alone, they end up echoing what you’re saying out loud without knowing it.

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