11 University Struggles We All Understand

The transition from high school to university is usually very exciting.

You have new freedom with more time but a lot of adjusting to do. The struggles we go through while in University either make or break us. If you live at home your university experience may be a bit different but there are things you can never miss as long as you’re a university student.

1. 8 a.m. classes

You thought you could escape early classes until you get into college and realize that there one too many. The snooze button becomes your best friend as you struggle to wake up every morning. By the time you’re in 3rd year you master the art of not being well dressed and going to school with messy hair just so you can have a few minutes extra.

University struggles

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2. Becoming a professional procrastinator

There’s so much of nothing you probably don’t do while in uni. You wake up so early with such great plans and by the time you talk to your best friends, take a nap, social media things and then your day goes like that. It becomes so hard to manage your time that you end up just chilling.

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3. Living in a tiny area

As long as you’re going through a real university experience you obviously know the bedsitter struggle. it gets even worse when you have to stay with an extra person in your space. Things get cramped up, tensions can get high and sometimes your tiny area smells like cooked food with perfume.

bedsitter struggle

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4. Being broke … all the time

Can this ever get easier? Your parents give you money but it’s never enough, you also need to maintain your social life and it can get hard. Being broke is also a form of diet, a diet that keeps you small because the food is too expensive. When you go home you pig out because of all the malnutrition you’ve suffered while at school.

Broke problems

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5. People asking you what you want to do with your life.

This gets annoying, especially from your parent’s friends who never seem to understand that you need time to mature. People need to understand that just because you’re in your fourth year of university doesn’t mean you have everything figured out. Although sometimes you really should have some few things planned.

University struggles


6. Trying to decide between studying or going out.

Alright, so exams are in two days? But I am usually really good in that subject, so I’ll just go out today, sleep half day tomorrow then study the next full day. This struggle is one of the most conflicting ones especially when you start going out.

University struggle


7. Doing laundry

You mostly have piles of clothes because you don’t have money to pay a cleaning lady to do it or you’re too lazy to wash. For guys, you probably end up wearing the same pair of jeans at least more than three times a week.

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8. Eating dining hall food

Dining hall or cafeteria food can be so disgusting that you can’t stand. There’s nothing worse than a saltless beef stew with hard cold rice.

University struggle

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9. Watching online series the whole night

You’re meant to be studying but you’re so tired from all the hard work you do from the two classes you had. This is why you and your laptop are best friends especially on the many days you can’t go anywhere because you’re broke.

watch series

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10. Staying up until 4 a.m. writing a paper

This happens because you procrastinated and instead of waiting for two weeks you ended up writing your term paper the night before it’s due. The next morning you probably look like a zombie ready to collapse.

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11. Registering for classes

Registering for classes is usually very tedious and if not done early you may miss out on a class you are meant to take. Depending on which university you are in, your registering portal may be slow and hard to use. This process is annoying AF.

class registration

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