All The Times This Funny Duck Meme Threw More Shade Than You

It’s so hard to remember when shade wasn’t a part of daily life. It might have been but who remembers? Now, if you think you’re the queen or king of petty/shade, allow me to introduce you to my newest friend:

Duck throwing shade meme

Image: Damorela00/Twitter

This duck meme is currently the reigning champion of shade. Here are all the times this duck threw more shade than you:

1. LMAO!!

2. Tall people shade

3. This is literally everyone with siblings. LOL!

4. LMAO! Every Naija mother can relate

5. Every Twitter addict

6. Life throws the worst shade

7. Shading Bae

8. Some people sha

9. Everyone knows a chronic liar like this

10. Double dose

LOL! Such a shady bird.

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