Meet Samuel Abishai, The Man Who Won The Sh 221 Million SportPesa Jackpot

A big baller in fact. A huge baller. Tremendously huge. The winner of SportPesa‘s Sh 221 million has finally been unveiled. His name is Samuel Abishai, a resident of Roysambu. At this point, I can’t help but wonder how the girls who rejected this guy at some point in their lives must be feeling right now. Pretty horrible right?

Here is Samuel with that big check. 

He was picked up at his bedsitter in Roysambu with a limo…..boss style.

samuel roysambu

Image: Nairobi News

And here he is…waving to all the neighbours who never talked to him and reminding them what they’ll be missing out on. Lol.

Don’t mind the potholes. This is Africa. Samuel will definitely be moving to a well-tarmacked neighbourhood now.

Even boda-boda guys suddenly became his friends and offered to provide a presidential escort.  

boda boda guys jackpot

Image: Nairobi News

A look at inside the limo…

Life can’t get any better than this.

And finally, the man was unveiled at the Carnivore grounds.