TUC Wants Prisons Conditions Improved

The deteriorating conditions in the country’s prisons have been brought to the attention of government in the wake of revelations by prisons authorities that inmates reject food rationed them and go hungry instead.

“The degree of civilization in society can be judged by entering into its prisons. Our prisons and mental health institutions need special attention”, Dr. Yaw Baah, Secretary General of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) on behalf of Organized Labour said.

Addressing the 2017 May Day national parade themed “[email protected]: Mobilizing for Ghana’s Future through Creation of Decent jobs” the two institutions were singled out for urgent attention.

“We believe that Ghana is a civilized country and we should make sure that the conditions in our prisons reflect that”

Among various issues members urged government to address are the accommodation and unemployment problems which have been a source of worry to Ghanaians workers in public and private sectors.

“A significant number of Ghanaians sleep on the streets because they have no homes to go to at night after hard day’s work. Four million Ghanaians out of desperation try to reach Europe through dangerous means where many of them meet their deaths”, he lamented.

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Ghanaians he added do not have enough money to seek medical care at hospitals instead prefer traditional herbal treatment even where there is the need for them to go to healthcare facilities for proper and quick delivery.