Dr Lawrence Tetteh Ask Nana Addo To Manage Expectation Of Workers

Dr Lawrence Tetteh, an Economist has asked workers and organised labour, to use May Day to reflect on work ethics as well as the celebration of hard work.

“It should not be a day of agitation by the employer and the employee, but an occasion for the citizenry to create dialogue at our work places and our communities over work ethics,” he told the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Monday.

Dr Tetteh, also the Founder and Leader of World Miracle Outreach, said workers should educate themselves about work ethics to facilitate productivity and hard work.

He noted that not all demonstrations by workers were well informed, hence the need for organised labour to look at issues that ignited strikes and agitations and address them in line with work ethics in tandem with the high expectations of employees to better their lot.

Dr Tetteh said both employees and employers should see themselves as workers and collaborate to see the development of their various sectors and communities.

“I belief May Day should also have a way to celebrate our unsung heroes who have done well in our society,” he said.

The Economist, asked President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo to manage the high expectation of workers in his regime by creating a point of convergence to facilitate dialogue to chart the way forward.


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