9 Amazing Things You Can Do With KSHS 221 Million

This man Samuel Abisai won a whopping Ksh 221 Million in SportPesa‘s mega jackpot.

But what are some of the things you can do with that kind of money?

Well, we’ve figured out some things that maybe Samuel might want to try out. Here are things you can do with that kind of money.

1. You can buy 2000 I-Phone 7 phones.

Alternative ways to put your iphone money to use

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2. You can buy around 30 Range Rover Sport vehicles since one costs around 6.5 million.

3. You can pay the president’s salary for 12 years (he earns 1.5 million a month)

uhuru laughing

Image: Diaspora Messenger

4. You can also pay Victor Wanyama’s salary at Tottenham Hotspurs for 4 years (He earns 1 million shillings a week.)



5. You can buy three 4-bedroom bungalows in the posh Karen estate and still have plenty of money left to spend.(One costs around Sh 70 Million)

6. You can pay Drake to come perform at your private party, four times in a row. (He charges around $500K for those)

Image: Reddit

7. You can buy around 8 Lamborgini Aventadors. (One costs $ 250K)


Image: car showroom

8. You can buy a packet of milk for everyone in Nairobi, (3.4 million people)

milk nairobi

Image: Bizna Kenya

9. Pay fees for over 5 students at one of the expensive international school in kenya for the whole of their education.

Brookhouse School