These National Parks In Nigeria Should Be On Your Next Travel Destination

Travelling is one way to expand your horizon and broaden your mind. Most times, when Nigerians hear the word “travel”, they start thinking of other countries. And not the very beautiful locales in our own country. To enjoy the hidden gems of Nigeria, check out these national parks you should totally visit.

1. Yankari

Yankari is perhaps the most popular of the national parks in Nigeria. It used to be a game reserve till it was designated a national park in 1991. The Wikki spring and basin is found inside the Yankari Park. Its myriad variety of wildlife is unparalleled in West Africa. It is located in Bauchi state.

2. Gashaki-Gumpti

This is Nigeria’s largest national park. It was established in 1991. It is located in Taraba and Adamawa states. It houses 103 species of mammals and over a million birds reside in the park. The highest mountain in Nigeria, Chappal Waddi aka Mountain of death as well as a waterfall is found within it’s boundaries.

Gashaki Gumpti 3

Image: Sospecie

3. Cross River

This national park is obviously located in Cross River state. It is made up of two sections: Oban hills and Okwangwo. It has one of the oldest rainforests in Africa. It has the rare species of primates such as drills, gorillas, mangabeys etc. The Oban hill section also boasts of a waterfall.


Image: Tour2Nigeria

4. Kainji

Every Nigerian knows of Kainji dam. Well, the Kainji national park houses the Kainji lake, Borgu and Zugurma game reserves to the west and southeast respectively. It is located in Niger and Kwara states.

Image: NigerianBulletin

5. Kamuku

Kamuku national park is in Kaduna state. It was upgraded from a game reserve to a national park in 1999. Some of it’s attractions include: a waterfall, a large inselberg (big rock mound), rock hyraxes, elephants, roan antelopes, warthogs, over a hundred species of birds and more.

Image: MyDestination

6. Old Oyo

The Old Oyo national park is located in Northern Oyo and Southern Kwara state. The park has caves and shelters at the northern end. Ogun, Owe, Owu and Tessi rivers flow through the park. And the Ikore Gorge dam provides recreational activities for tourists.

old-oyo national park

Image: NaijaTreks

7. Okomu

Okomu national park is located in Ovia South-West LGA of Edo state. It houses some of the rarest animal species in Nigeria including the forest elephant, African buffalo, white throated guenon, Mona monkeys among others. The Osse and Okomu rivers form the eastern and western boundaries of the park.

Image: Mydestination

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