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Willy Paul Allegedly Stormed Out Of The Groove Awards Nomination Ceremony After Being Snubbed

Mr Controversy is back at it again.

So Willy Paul is said to have walked out of the Groove Awards nomination ceremony that took place at University of Nairobi’s Chandaria Center after his name failed to appear on the nominees’ list.

The singer is said to have gotten angry and left the event midway. He is said to have looked dejected and bemused after finding out he did not get even a single nomination.

His ‘I Do’ song featuring Alaine was the most viewed Kenyan song on over the past year.

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And ‘Fanya’ was also a monster hit.

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Despite his unrivalled success, Groove Awards organisers decided to leave him out of the list because they feel that his songs are more geared towards secular than gospel.

His series of controversial moments also do not appeal to the show’s organisers who see the Groove Awards as a platform to promote true gospel artistes that spread God’s word in their songs. If you look at it that way, it kinda makes sense. Too bad for Mr.Willy. Someone needs to go check if he is okay.