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Here’s How You Can Make African Black Soap At Home, All By Yourself

African Black Skin is nature’s gift to your skin.

For years, Africans have made and used African black soap. It is great for the skin, makes it soft and gives it an amazing sheen. If you would like to make the African black soap from scratch at home, here’s how!

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Here’s are the ingredients you need:

  • Base oil- This can be palm oil or shea butter oil, depending on your preferences
  • Plantain peels
  • Water
  • Double boiler
  • Containers for the soap to cool in and form
  • Camwood (optional)-  This helps to enhance the skin beautifully. Camwood is believed to have antiseptic and skin balancing properties. Sunburn can be treated naturally with camwood.
  • Essential oils such as Lavender oil (optional)- This gives the soap a nice smell and has skin beautifying properties
  • Honey (optional)

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Burn the plantain peels, until you get ashes.
  2. Mix the ashes in warm water until it dissolves, you can add as much as ashes as you want until you reach your desired consistency
  3. Heat your base oil in the double boiler until it is hot
  4. Mix in the ash solution and stir until the mixture becomes thick
  5. You can add your honey, essential oils, and camwood and mix it in
  6. Pour into little containers and allow to cool
  7. Leave it to harden. The hardening process can take as long as two weeks.

Your result should look like this:

How to make lightening black soap

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