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10 Funny Excuses Girls Tell To Avoid A Date

Unfortunately, some guys just don’t get it when a girl shows disinterest.

If you had to beg her for her number or she already ignores you while online then the chances of meeting her are lower. So she will stall you and waste your time because you keep insisting and before she knows it she has all these flimsy excuses just to avoid a date with you.

1. Sorry I have too much work.

She is always busy and now she just seems like a workaholic. If she can’t create time for you then she doesn’t want to see you.

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2. I have horrible cramps that last forever.

Some of us have horrible menstrual cramps but somehow when you ask her out for coffee her cramps begin. Keeping in mind that this usually takes place for at least a week then you need to understand it’s just an excuse.

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3. My bed is so warm.

You’ve offered this girl food from a restaurant of her choice and she still says she can’t leave her warm bed? Then you need to talk a walk and think about who you’re asking out. She will just send you a goodnight text

Dating issues

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4. My car/ bus broke down.

She promises she was on her way then all of a sudden her car or matatu broke down and now she’s so NOT sad. Don’t push for a date especially if you offer to go pick her up and she refuses.

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5. My parents have been complaining I haven’t seen them.

She is always home every weekend or every time you ask her to meet up. It’s great that she loves her parents but if her excuse is that she has to see them all the time then just forget that story.

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6. I have assignments that are due tomorrow and the day after.

Assignments can get rough but she seems so busy you basically wonder when she eats. She will even give you stories about her harsh lecturer then a few hours later she is on Instagram with hashtags saying forever young time to turn up.


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7. I forgot we had plans and now I traveled

First of all this type of girl is so rare to find because every time you need to meet up she has traveled. Like what kind of witchcraft is that though? She forgot your plans and just vanished. My brother, you need to cut it.

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8. You tried calling? My phone died

Her phone is always on until you call and she knows the time you were to meet but now all you hear is “the mobile subscriber cannot be reached”. If you’re used to this trend stop calling altogether.

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9. I have chronic fatigue and I need to rest

There’s nothing wrong with being tired, I mean we all are. But your special girl has a special type of fatigue that she needs to rest from when you ask her out on a date.

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10. When I am annoyed I don’t like meeting people

So when she’s going through some stuff she doesn’t like talking to people which is normal. But the thing is she is permanently forever annoyed so you can never go on your date. Maybe she just gets annoyed when she see’s you.

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